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Register for the Bold Open 2021 Reverse Pitch Event Today

What to know about the Bold Open 2021 Reverse Pitch Event:

  • The third annual Bold Open Reverse Pitch Event (powered by the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (Auri) and in partnership with MBOLD) will take place on Wednesday, July 21
  • The Ag-focused event, “brings together some of Minnesota’s largest food and agriculture companies to accelerate solutions to problems facing the food and agriculture industry.”
  • During the virtual event, participants will pitch their ideas to 10 Minnesota companies with various “challenges” acting as prompts to get the problem-solving juices flowing
  • You can register for the event here

Take a look at the full lineup of Bold Open 2021 challenges and start formulating your solutions now.

Beef Production Sustainability Resource Framework

The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association and Minnesota Beef Council are seeking a framework that outlines options, risks and opportunities that can result from adopting sustainability practices on a Minnesota beef operation.

Compeer Wants You to Grow and Win

Compeer Financial seeks cost-effective operational scaling solutions that speed small and medium-sized protein producers through business growth.

Developing Protein Products Without the Use of Traditional Solvents

Field Theory is seeking assistance in identifying methods to achieve higher protein concentrations and improved sensory characteristics of their hemp products without the use of traditional solvents.

Effective Communication on “Why Dairy” Messaging for Millennial Parents (age 24 to 40) and Gen Z (age 10 to 23) Consumers

Midwest Dairy seeks proposals that promote strong messaging for “why dairy” that identifies the connection between dairy nutritional facts and modern health and wellness trends (immunity, calming/relaxing, energy, digestive health).

Enteric Methane Reduction

Land O’Lakes, Inc. is interested in identifying an FDA approved novel feed additive that can significantly reduce the amount of enteric methane produced by ruminant animals from a partner willing to conduct basic research.

Market Development Pathways for Winter Camelina

MBOLD seeks input on strategies to commercialize winter camelina seed, protein isolates, oil, meal and other crop components and accelerate market entry opportunities for winter camelina in the U.S.

New Uses for Oat Byproducts

As a global food and beverage company with a sustainability focus, SunOpta is looking to bring oat byproducts, specifically the new ingredient OatGold™, to market in new and exciting ways.

Novel Value Chain Approaches to Overcome Local Meat Processing Bottlenecks

AURI seeks actionable concepts to advance collaborative or cooperative approaches that help overcome key issue areas to expand investment and create a more efficient and competitive local livestock processing value chain.

Reduce Feed Costs Through Utilization of Non-Traditional Protein Sources

Hormel Foods is exploring the development and adoption of new animal feed ingredients rooted in innovation by individuals looking to develop and commercialize a new supply of protein sources for animals.

Spoilage Sensing and Detection for Protein Products

Cargill is interested in any technologies, methodologies, and applications that increase total shelf life for refrigerated meat and eggs; helping Cargill businesses and customers reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and food waste.


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