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Kavira Health Expands Into Employee Health

What to know about Kavira Health’s expansion into employee health:

  • Kavira Health, a healthcare startup based in Minneapolis, has expanded its services to, “small and medium-sized businesses”
  • The startup provides on-demand primary care via house visits and telehealth appointments
  • Kavira says it provides its services for just over $1 per employee per day, covering the employee’s entire family
    • The service is a monthly subscription

The Quote: Andrew Headrick, Founder of Kavira Health

“Employers have the tough job of selecting the right benefits to offer and employees are rightfully anxious about their health, their loved ones, the economy, job security and what the future holds.”

For more information, read the release below.

MINNEAPOLIS, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kavira Health, a healthcare startup providing on-demand primary care via house visits and telehealth, has begun offering its services to small and medium-sized businesses. The startup has begun partnering with employee benefits brokers in Minnesota’s Twin Cities Metro area and is expanding rapidly.

Kavira’s mission is to make preventive care accessible to all.

Health insurance premiums have grown an average of 5.5% annually, over the last decade. These rising prices weigh heavily on small businesses, many of which are still reeling from the pandemic. Employers still have the biggest stake in improving healthcare, and businesses that value their employees are actively reforming healthcare delivery themselves.

Until recently, the only two viable responses to this issue have been to pay more for the same level of benefits, or to hollow out benefits and offer a high-deductible plan–leaving many employees functionally uninsured.

Most Americans never have the need for the catastrophic care covered by their high deductible. Instead, individuals tend to have regular, everyday healthcare needs, which are often paid out-of-pocket (think copays, and surprise bills). Bearing the brunt of these out-of-pocket expenses can be burdensome – medical bills are responsible for 2/3 of all personal bankruptcies.

In addition to high costs, it often takes patients 3+ weeks to schedule an appointment, before being forced to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room for a visit that will often start late.

Kavira solves these issues for both employers and their employees.

Kavira’s service costs just over $1 per employee per day, and it covers an employee’s entire family, making the service incredibly affordable for employers. The model does away with trips to the doctor, stuffy waiting rooms, and surprise bills. Additionally, all of Kavira’s care is covered by the monthly subscription, meaning employees should never have to pay out-of-pocket for care. Because Kavira isn’t paid on a per-use basis, they can encourage longer patient visits, which they claim allows them to provide better patient care.

Kavira isn’t an insurance replacement, it’s more of a cost-effective add-on that can offer better care, and ultimately can save companies, and their employees, money.

In a time when so much is uncertain, small business owners and employees alike have had to be resilient. “Employers have the tough job of selecting the right benefits to offer and employees are rightfully anxious about their health, their loved ones, the economy, job security and what the future holds,” says Founder Andrew Headrick.

Primary care is one of the best places to invest as a business owner, because it improves health, retains talent, and lowers costs.

For Twin Cities business leaders looking to provide a cost-effective healthcare benefit, you can request a demo here.

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