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IPOs, M&A the Big News in Medical Alley Association Quarterly Report

What to know about the Medical Alley Association’s quarterly investment report:

  • The Medical Alley Association has released its quarterly investment report, detailing capital raised in Q2 2021
  • Four companies — Bright Health ($924 million), CVRx ($126 million), Miromatrix ($43 million), and Agiliti ($368 million) — IPO’d during the quarter, totaling nearly $1.5 billion (and breaking decades-held records in the process)
  • Mergers and acquisitions were another big trend of the quarter
    • The biggest acquisition news was Danaher’s (Washington D.C.) acquisition of Fargo’s Aldevron for $9.6 billion
    • More than 10 other mergers and acquisitions were finalized during the quarter (full list below)
  • Another big number — 36 companies raised a total of $52 million
    • Medical Device was first with $30 million, Digital Health in second with ($17 million), and Biotech/Pharm in third with $2.4 million

Check out the full report, and look through the full list of Q2 2021 mergers and acquisitions below.

  • 4/1/21: Carrus Learn (Lehi, UT) acquired Archetype Innovations (Duluth, MN)
  • 4/6/21: Concord USA (Hopkins, MN) acquired Upton Hill (Edina, MN)
  • 4/27/21: DispatchHealth (Denver, CO) acquired Professional Portable X-Ray (Burnsville, MN)
  • 4/27/21: Hunter Street (Minneapolis, MN) acquired Kirkpatrick Dental Care (Knoxville, TN)
  • 5/4/21: CVC Capital Partners (Luxembourg, BE) acquired a majority interest in Icario (Minneapolis, MN)
  • 5/4/21: Provation (Minneapolis, MN) acquired iProcedures (Tampa, FL)
  • 5/19/21: EPTAM (Northfield, MN) acquired Mendell (Lakeville, MN)
  • 5/20/21: Recuro (Richardson, TX) acquired SupDoc (Minneapolis, MN)
  • 6/1/21: Abiomed (Danvers, MA) acquired preCARDIA (St. Paul, MN)
  • 6/2/21: Vyne Dental (Dunwoody, GA) acquired OperaDDS (Wayzata, MN)
  • 6/8/21: Icario (Minneapolis, MN) acquired ChipRewards (Birmingham, AL)

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