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Bright Health Releases Q2 Financials in Earnings Call

What to know about Bright Health’s Q2 financial report:

  • Bright Health, the Minneapolis-based healthcare and medtech company (and funding juggernaut and IPO record-holder) has released its Q2 2021 — and first as a publicly traded company — financial reports in an earnings call
  • The company reported a Q2 revenue of $1.1 billion, a 275 percent increase from Q1 2021
    • Bright Health projects a total 2021 revenue of more than $4 billion
  • Despite the revenue growth, Bright Health is still losing money overall
    • The company saw an operating loss of $59 million and a net loss of $43.7 million in Q2 — more than the Q1 net loss of $18.1 million
  • Bright Health stock also continues to fall in price
    • Bright Health entered the market on June 24 at $18 a share
    • As of this writing, Bright Health stock is hovering around the $9 mark
  • According to the Star Tribune, Kevin Fischbeck, a Bank of America analyst, expressed a bit of concern in a letter to investors saying, “The first quarter as a public company was not as clean as we would have liked.”

The Motley Fool has a full transcript of the earnings call, and be sure to check out other headlines on Bright Health.

Alex Skjong
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