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Join Gopher Angels Today

This post is sponsored by Gopher Angels.

What is Gopher Angels?

Gopher Angels is an angel investor network with 80 accredited investors in the group. Each investor makes independent investment decisions but also works collaboratively together with other members on any deals of mutual interest.

What are the requirements for joining?

  • Third party verification of a prospective member as an accredited investor
  • A commitment to invest $50,000 within two years
  • Sign a membership agreement
  • An annual fee

Why should you be interested in joining?

  • Members have the benefit of working collaboratively with other investors to make better investment decisions
  • Investors make their own investment decisions rather than relying on a fund’s investment committee to make those decisions
  • The benefit of aggregating investors’ dollars to make a real impact for the startup. It also allows Gopher Angels to often negotiate better terms because the amount being invested is greater than if it were a single individual investor
  • A steady quality deal flow
  • Gopher Angels works with other angel groups and funds across the Midwest to share deals, share diligence, and co-invest

The Gopher Angels pitch meeting on October 28th is the perfect place to start.


October 28, 2021

4:00 – 7:30 p.m. (with a light dinner at 6:30)


Carlson School of Management

Who is the meeting for?

Gopher Angel investor members and accredited investor guests.

What is the loose agenda?

Pitches from five to six companies and an educational portion about IRS 1202 tax benefit for investing in startups and the impact of investing in an LLC vs a C Corp.

How can you attend the meeting?

Connect with the Managing Director David Russick to learn more and to receive an invitation to attend the June 17 meeting. Please send an email of interest to:

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