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Minnesota Startup Awards Sponsor Spotlight: SureSwift Capital

The Minnesota Startup Awards are here! On Friday, September 24, a group of Minnesota startups and individuals will receive the ULTIMATE honor — a Minnesota Startup Awards trophy paddle! We’re shining the spotlight on the sponsors that helped make this event possible.

SureSwiftCapitalLogoAbout SureSwift Capital

SureSwift Capital gives bootstrapped SaaS founders dream exits. When you sell to SureSwift, we take your business to the next level by delivering outstanding value for your customers and opportunities for your team. As sponsors of the Minnesota Startup Awards and high-fivers of entrepreneurs everywhere, SureSwift’s MSP-based Founder and CEO Kevin McArdle and VP of Acquisitions Chris Reedy are excited to spark conversations and connect with founders attending the event.

Why is it important for SureSwift Capital to support the Minnesota Startup Awards?

Part of our mission at SureSwift is to be generous members of our local and global entrepreneur communities. While SureSwift is a remote-first company with team members around the globe, our Founder & CEO Kevin McArdle is based in MSP, so it’s our unofficial HQ.

Kevin is a passionate advocate for Minnesota’s entrepreneur community. He’s a board member for BETA — the Twin Cities non-profit that heads up TCSW — and the host of their weekly podcast. He’s also an investor and partner in Groove Capital — a fund and angel network where MN’s visionaries and investors come together to launch and grow new businesses that make the world a better place.

How does SureSwift Capital support Minnesota startups?

We specialize in acquiring and growing bootstrapped SaaS businesses. If you’re a SaaS founder considering an exit, we’re always happy to offer the perspective of a trusted buyer in the space — whether or not you wind up selling to us. We’re also co-creators and sponsors of Founder Summit, where entrepreneurs from around the world gather to support and learn from one another to build bigger businesses and better lives.

What’s new for SureSwift Capital?

We co-host Founder Summit — an online community for low-ego Founders of calm companies — with the Calm Company Fund (Twitter). We’ll also be getting together in-person in Mexico City Oct. 24-27 for a PowerPoint and pitch-free event with a focus on founder-to-founder conversations.

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