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Minnesota Startup Awards Sponsor Spotlight: Dispatch

The Minnesota Startup Awards are here! On Friday, September 24, a group of Minnesota startups and individuals will receive the ULTIMATE honor — a Minnesota Startup Awards trophy paddle! We’re shining the spotlight on the sponsors that helped make this event possible.

About Dispatch

Dispatch is a B2B delivery platform that uses technology to connect customers with nearby independent contractor drivers to deliver parts and packages to the final destination. An upgrade to the traditional courier space, Dispatch makes the last-mile delivery process efficient, transparent, and reliable.

Why is it important for Dispatch to support the Minnesota Startup Awards?

As a startup ourselves, we wanted to give back and celebrate the efforts of Minnesota’s emerging startups. But in particular (and aligning with our own mission), we wanted to help recognize a company or organization contributing to a more inclusive, safe, thoughtful, and engaging community.

How does Dispatch support Minnesota startups?

Dispatch strives for a safe and inclusive work environment that helps develop employees who are considerate of the communities in which they operate. Our employees enrich not only Minnesota’s startup community but every community they work in with their knowledge, expertise, and desire to help and serve others. Alongside more traditional benefits such as medical, dental, vision, and parental leave, Dispatch offers a variety of other benefits, including unlimited paid time off, a professional development stipend, and a remote-first work environment.

What’s new for Dispatch?

This past year, we launched Dispatch Connect! Dispatch Connect is a delivery management platform that allows you to manage your vehicles, deliveries, and overflow orders all within one platform. With Connect, our customers can gain even more visibility into the status of every delivery — enabling them to connect the dots between their business, their drivers, their customers, and their bottom line.

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