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Meet the Startups of the gBETA Medtech Black Founders Accelerator 2021 Cohort

In August, we spread word that gBETA Medtech was seeking Black founders for its Fall 2021 Cohort as part of the gBETA Medtech Black Founders Accelerator.

Well, those founders have been selected!

From more than 85 applicants, five healthcare startups were chosen for the 2021 Cohort, the first gBETA Medtech program specifically for Black founders. Each startup is receiving $34,000 in funding, and, “intensive, individualized coaching and access to gener8tor’s national network of mentors, customers, corporate partners and investors.”

“The healthcare landscape is full of unmet needs, with millions of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals seeking solutions to difficult problems. No single company, big or small, will have all the answers—but every step we take to strengthen our innovation ecosystem and bring new perspectives to these conversations brings us closer to meaningful solutions,” Scott Davidson, VP of Global Strategy and Venture Capital at Boston Scientific, said. “Boston Scientific is proud to support the gBETA Medtech Black Founders Accelerator and we look forward to tracking the progress of this impressive group of rising leaders.”

The five startups have already been working with the accelerator for three weeks (of a total of seven) and will virtually strut their healthcare stuff during a pitch night event on December 14. You can register for the event here.

The fives startups of the gBETA Medtech Black Founder Accelerator  2021 Cohort are:


Elana Mustatea, Co-Founder & CEO | |

Bold Health delivers virtual-first integrative care to the 250M people in the US who suffer from Gastrointestinal (GI) conditions and account for an annual claims spend of $136B. Bold Health’s virtual therapeutic care platform offers access to a multidisciplinary team of GI care providers and disease specific digital therapeutic programs. Since launching in 2018, Bold Health completed a clinical study with the University of Pennsylvania and is CE Mark and MHRA certified. Bold Health is currently finalizing a paid US pilot and has five US pilots scheduled for Q1 2022.

Veronica Berry, Founder & CEO | |

TruDiary provides culturally relevant value-based care to Black and Brown maternal patients in underserved communities. TruDiary’s digital health platform eliminates barriers to quality prenatal care by connecting patients to the right doctor, offering inclusive educational content and providing social determinants of health (SDOH) services such as food, transportation, housing and mental health. TruDiary is piloting its solution in Community Health Care Systems’ locations in South Georgia, secured a partnership with Open Hands Atlanta to provide food insecure services to maternal patients in the state of Georgia and is finalizing a pilot with a regional payer scheduled for Q1 2022.

Wendy Slone, Founder & CEO | |

bTECH’s disruptive wound care technology prevents lower extremity amputations from chronic non-healing wounds. bTECH’s patent-pending Halcyon SMART Patch (HSP) uses far infrared wavelengths beneath the surface of the skin to promote rapid tissue healing and strengthening.  bTECH has developed a preliminary prototype and has recently been invited to submit an SBIR application to the National Science Foundation Medical Device division.

Wessam Sonbol, Founder & CEO | |

Delve Health‘s digital platform reduces clinical trial costs and accelerates drug development by bringing clinical trials to patient homes. Bringing a single drug to market can cost $2B+ over 10 years due to lack of enrollment, poor patient retention and data accuracy. Delve Health’s Clinical StudyPal is an end-to-end solution that uses mobile solutions and connected devices to make clinical trials more accessible and inclusive, and improve patient engagement and data compliance. Since 2018, Delve Health has doubled their growth year over year, with $3.1M in sales and more than 3,000 patients enrolled. Delve Health has helped customers obtain FDA and EMA approval for one product and an oncology drug is currently pending FDA approval.

Nicole Bishop, Founder & CEO | |

Quartolio optimizes discovery by automatically synthesizing and streaming research leads from the collective intelligence of R&D teams in real time. Quartolio’s proprietary algorithms synthesize insight from documents in the R&D pipeline including articles, clinical trials, and patents in the cloud regardless of document language or format. Quartolio has enterprise pilots from multiple Fortune 500 companies in the pipeline, signups of more than 1,500 scientific professionals in beta, and a partnership with IBM.

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