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Bone Foam

Bone Foam to Announce New CEO [Update: CEO Named]

Updated on February 2, 2022


New Bone Foam CEO Buzz Hannahan

As promised Bone Foam has announced its new CEO. Buzz Hannahan began serving as CEO on February 1, 2022 and will also be joining the board of directors. Hannahan has nearly two decades of medical device experience including roles at  Becton Dickinson and then Zimmer Inc. and also played baseball professionally for the Philadelphia Phillies organization for nine years.

“I am deeply honored and humbled to have the opportunity to lead Bone Foam into the next phase of our important journey to be the unequivocal leader in patient positioning,” Hannahan said in an announcement. “Our dedication to creating clinical distinction has driven significant growth over the course of our history. Together with the Bone Foam team, we will work to build upon our strong foundation and continue to advance better methods for surgical procedures that have languished in the status quo ever since I first stepped foot in the operating room in 2007. I am highly confident about our company’s future and look forward to further accelerating the value we bring to our patients and providers. I would like to thank the Board of Directors for this opportunity. I would also like to thank Chad for his leadership over two decades. I can’t wait to meet the team”

Bone Foam, a medical device company specializing in pre-contoured patient positioning solutions, has announced a changed in CEO leadership. The new CEO is expected to be announced on February 1, 2022. Chad Robran, the company’s former CEO, will transition to a member of the Board.


The Bone Foam “Leg Ramp Kit.”

“I am incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to lead Bone Foam over the past decade as we pursued our important purpose to advance patient positioning,” Robran said in a release. “I am grateful to our entire team for their dedication and hard work in helping us build a powerful brand that will enable us to transform how health care is delivered.”

Bone Foam creates positioning devices (one could say they create foam for bones) that assist medical professionals in properly positioning patients during procedures and for post-op rehabilitation.

For more information on Bone Foam and the new CEO, read the release below.

Medical Alley, MN – January 25, 2022 –  Bone Foam, Inc. has announced a transition to the seat of Chief Executive Officer, expected in Quarter 1 of 2022. The company’s executive team and Board of Directors formed the search committee, which is now in the final stages of a recruitment process that has spanned the majority of 2021. Chad Robran, who led Bone Foam from a modest but promising IP portfolio of patient positioning products for Orthopaedic Trauma cases, to a globally-recognized medical device corporation widely regarded as “the unequivocal leader in intraoperative patient positioning,” will remain on the team as a Board member.

Robran, who has been CEO since 2011, recalled the light bulb moment that first turned him on to the Bone Foam vision: “Thirteen years ago, I was covering a trauma case as an Orthopaedic rep, when a surgeon brought in a positioner that he placed on the operative table. I remember being struck by how fast the patient was prepped for the case. While I had seen this particular surgery performed hundreds of times, I always had to wait for the staff to jury rig blankets and towels to prep the extremity for surgery. This novel positioner saved at least 15 minutes of operating room set-up time.” At that moment, the seed was planted that would one day lead Robran to leave his corporate position to take on an entirely new challenge.

Since then, Bone Foam has broadened its impact into multiple specialties and subspecialties of medicine, wherever patient positioning is required. “Over the course of time, Chad has built a powerful brand that is now a household name in Orthopaedics. You would be hard pressed to find a single Orthopaedist who does not use Bone Foam in their practice – our product line has been likened to ‘The Kleenex of patient positioning’ on multiple occasions by surgeons and throughout industry,” said Peter Cole, Executive Vice President, who has represented the Board in orchestrating the CEO recruitment process. “Bringing a company from zero to one is an exceptional feat. In almost every scenario, the bush pilot has an entirely different skillset and makeup than the one who can fly an F-18. The incumbent CEO will steward the opportunity to scale upon an existing infrastructure of over 7,000 hospital and surgery center accounts, an expansive medical advisory network, and a streamlined innovation pipeline focused on tackling the most pressing need spaces in all of patient positioning. We are just getting started.”

“I am incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to lead Bone Foam over the past decade as we pursued our important purpose to advance patient positioning,” said Robran. “I am grateful to our entire team for their dedication and hard work in helping us build a powerful brand that will enable us to transform how health care is delivered.”

Prior to Bone Foam, patient positioning was a largely neglected need space, reliant on macgyvered positioning methods using whatever assortment of pillows, towels, tape, even inflated IV bags, that were immediately available in the operating room. Recognizing that outdated patient positioning standards undermined healthcare quality from the standpoint of safety, efficiency, cost, and technique, Bone Foam developed a model for innovating pre-contoured positioning solutions around an expansive list of surgical procedures and rehabilitation indications. As Bone Foam Board member and Cryosa CEO Mark Christopherson noted, “Bone Foam has developed a portfolio of innovative products under Robran, serving numerous specialties including Orthopaedics, Spine, and Anesthesiology. I am excited to see these products being quickly adopted into clinical use.”

Robran is equally bullish about the future of Bone Foam. “At the end of the day, the most fulfilling aspects for me have been the positive responses we receive from clinicians after innovating a novel solution, and the family-oriented culture that we have created in the office setting. I am proud of leading Bone Foam to this exciting juncture where our model has been validated, and I look forward to continuing my role as a Board member in helping advise the company through this next phase of growth.”

About Bone Foam

Bone Foam, Inc. is a leading medical device company specializing in innovating pre-contoured positioning solutions around a growing list of surgical procedures and rehabilitation indications. Four pillars define Bone Foam’s mission: To be the unequivocal leader in perioperative patient positioning by innovating the highest quality solutions that optimize safety, efficiency, cost, and clinical experience. Its portfolio includes cutting-edge solutions for Orthopaedic Trauma, Spine, Arthroplasty, Hand, Shoulder & Elbow, as well as Anesthesiology and Pulmonology, with penetration in over 7,000 hospitals and surgery centers globally.

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