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Launch Minnesota Kicks Off 2022 With 13 Innovation Grants

And the cash keeps a-rollin’. Launch Minnesota has awarded nearly $350,000 in Innovation Grants to another crop of Minnesota startups (check out the full list below), taking the organization’s total numbers to $4.2 million over 178 grants to 130 unique grantees.

“We have the data to show innovation grants are making a difference in the growth and success of startups,” Launch Minnesota Executive Director Neela Mollgaard said in a release. “Grants help fill a gap of capital needed to bring new technologies to market that are changing the way we work, learn and live.”

We recently featured Launch Minnesota Program Specialist Maddy LeClaire on The Podcast. LeClaire talked about the impact Innovation Grants can have on smaller startups, the uncertain future Launch Minnesota faced last year, and what’s to come from the organization in 2022 and beyond. Don’t miss it.

2022 Launch Minnesota Innovation Grant Recipients

BenchK12, Inc. (Eden Prairie)
Provides a next-generation talent empowerment platform that allows substitute teachers to get credentialed in days and get matched with schools needing their assistance.

Panache (Saint Paul)
Brews apple-based ayurvedic recipes infused with beneficial botanicals.

Telo LLC (Minneapolis)
Offers an innovative rollator walker that tracks users’ activity, baselines and progress to help them take back control of their mobility.

Microfluidic Biologics Corp. (Sebeka)
Develops faster, low-cost diagnostic and antibiotic susceptibility tests for urinary tract infections.

Sasya LLC (Saint Paul)
Develops cost-advantaged processes for the production of nutrition supplements.

DXD Ag Insights LLC (Rochester)
Uses data visualization and interpretable machine learning to build products for agronomists.

MarPam Pharma, LLC (Saint Paul)
Developing a one-time treatment for HIV.

Davenport SAF-T Systems, LLC (Minneapolis)
Offers a lightweight smart vest equipped with motion sensors that can detect a fall in progress.

Quench Medical Inc. (Saint Paul)
Developing an inhaled drug delivery system to treat lung cancer by directly targeting lung tumors for greater efficacy and less system toxicity.

NXGEN PORT (Saint Paul)
An innovative technology that monitors cancer patients remotely by measuring blood cell counts and heart function through an implantable port-catheter.

EduCharacter LLC (Mound)
A voice technology company developing the first screen-free, interactive learning system.

Synaptic Health (New Brighton)
Solving the problem of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s by promoting deep, restorative sleep through non-invasive, AI-driven neuromodulation.

AugmentTech LLC (Maple Grove)
A technology company specializing in creating technology and software for individuals with disabilities and those who lack technology skills.

Alex Skjong
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