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AirSelfie podcast

The Podcast: Hovering Photogs With Greg Appelhof of AirSelfie

Remember selfie sticks? We can all agree that they were, you know, kind of silly, right? Well, if Greg Appelhof has anything to say about it, the selfie stick will soon look positively ancient in comparison to his company’s selfie-taking gadget — the AirSelfie.

As CEO of AirSelfie, Inc., Appelhof has taken the idea of a flying, drone-like camera to new heights, winning CES Awards, expanding into Europe and China, and running successful crowd-funding campaigns in the process. But there have been some challenges along the way, including a question that has been definitively answered only recently, Appelhof says — Is AirSelfie just a toy?

Hear the AirSelfie CEO talk about that and much more on this episode of The Podcast.

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