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Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis: Dr. Senan Ebrahim of Delfina

According to the CDC, there were 23.8 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2020 in the United States. That is a shameful first place statistic in the industrialized world. The next highest? 8.7 deaths per 100,000 live births in France. 

There is, without a doubt, a maternal health crisis in our country. And Dr. Senan Ebrahim is hoping to do something about it.

Delfina, founded and led by Dr. Ebrahim, is creating a "dynamic care management platform" with the goal of taking the guesswork out of pregnancy. The platform creates a personalized care plan for each unique pregnancy and works with a pregnant person's care team to make the journey and birth as healthy as possible.

On The Podcast, we talk with Dr. Ebrahim about Delfina's mission, the disparity of care when it comes to Black and Brown pregnancies, and the recent Supreme Court ruling on Roe V. Wade.
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