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BETA Announces Healthcare Tech Summit

Minneapolis, MN – The Beta Group (BETA) today announces a new event in partnership with  Optum —the BETA Healthcare Tech Summit presented by Optum. Designed to shine a bright spotlight on the dynamic healthcare tech ecosystem, the event will feature Minnesota-based  and national speakers and provide an invaluable opportunity for founders, technologists, and  innovators to share their vision of the future of healthcare tech. The BETA Healthcare Tech  Summit will take place on April 13, 2023 from 1 to 5 PM at Urban Daisy in Minneapolis and lead  directly into the BETA Showcase Spring 2023 event from 5 to 9 PM at the same location. All  healthcare tech professionals are invited to attend. 

“We are excited to build upon the successful partnership with BETA by launching the Optum Cup startup competition at the BETA  Healthcare Tech Summit,” said Mike Arulfo, Chief Architect, Optum EveryCare. “There is a thriving community of tech founders nationally, especially in Minnesota. We would like to direct that energy and creativity towards solving the biggest  challenges in healthcare.” 

Leveraging the incredible concentration of healthcare tech talent and experience in Minnesota, the BETA Healthcare Tech Summit will see its stage filled with a veritable who’s who of the healthcare tech ecosystem covering a wide range of topics including healthcare innovation, corporate innovation, and more. Featured guests include keynote speaker Danita Kiser (VP of Strategic Programs, Optum), Komal Khatri (Director of Innovation, Optum), Greg McGee (Director of Innovation, UHC), Clayton Burke (Senior Director of Growth and Experience, UHC), and Miles Bloomenkranz (Director of Optum Startup Studio).

“We’re proud to partner with Optum to elevate the healthcare innovation happening in our state,” said Shelisa Demuth, Executive Director of BETA. “The Summit is an invitation to innovators within a single industry to build connections between sectors and to amplify the work of the startup founders our organization serves.”

The BETA Healthcare Tech Summit also serves as the exciting kickoff to a brand new initiative  from Optum—Optum Cup. Optum Cup is a startup competition dedicated to discovering and  supporting the next wave of healthcare disruption with the winning company being crowned  during the Minnesota Startup Awards in September (part of Twin Cities Startup Week). Applications are currently open, and applicants are encouraged to attend the BETA Healthcare Tech Summit to meet and network with fellow innovators. 

Tickets for the BETA Healthcare Tech Summit are available now and can be purchased here

About Optum 

Optum is a leading information and technology-enabled health services business dedicated to helping make the health system work better for everyone. With more than 210,000 people  worldwide, Optum delivers intelligent, integrated solutions that help to modernize the health  system and improve overall population health. Optum is part of UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:  UNH). For more information, visit

About The BETA Group 

The Beta Group is a 501(c)(3) that develops Minnesota’s next generation of business leaders by  inspiring and educating first-time founders. Through a suite of founder-focused programming, media outlet, and the largest startup event in the state—Twin Cities Startup Week—the  organization nurtures these scalable small businesses so that they can grow to become our next Fortune 100s. For more information, visit
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