[UPDATED] PRM Sues DEED & GreaterMSP Over Withholding Of Amazon HQ2 Bid


Updated 8/13: PRM has added GreaterMSP to an amended lawsuit on multiple counts while DEED still maintains it “never collected, received, maintained or disseminated the unsuccessful proposal that is the subject of the complaint.”

“Minnesotan’s deserve to know…” Ehling told Minnesota Lawyer in a recent article.

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I’m Jakub Jez, the Founder and CEO of Centriam, And This Is How I Work



Thanks to Fueled Collective for underwriting our How I Work series!

Minnesota tech founder Jakub Jez is the CEO of Centriam, a growing data-driven customer experience software startup from Minneapolis.

What one word best describes how you work?


What is your current device/hardware/office setup?

A very unorganized and cluttered desk, laptop, two monitors, ipad, iphone. I don’t have an office. Centriam is all open space with meeting rooms (which we need more of).

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