[UPDATED Flywheel Raises $5m For Collaborative Computational Science SaaS

Updated 2/12/2018 9:00am CST – “$5m closed & oversubscribed” per Olson +  additional Google Cloud Healthcare API disclosure.

Original 12/10/18: Flywheel is seeking to close a $5m series A equity investment with $4.5m already captured, according to company leaders Jim Olson and Travis Richardson.

As an Invenshure portfolio company, Flywheel provides a collaborative data management and analysis platform built specifically for scientists and the researcher’s workflow.

We connected with the duo to learn more about their inflection point:

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Minneapolis Fintech Company ClickSwitch Makes It Easier To Change Banks



Via Star Tribune

“A rule change in the 1980s opened competition in long-distance phone service, leading to years in which seemingly every other advertisement on TV begged consumers to “switch” their provider. A similar force is being unleashed on banks, and a Minneapolis tech startup is the reason why.

ClickSwitch Holdings Inc. for the past two years has signed up about 325 banks, credit unions and alternative financial firms to use a service it developed — a combination of software backed by a human service bureau — that lets their new customers move their entire banking relationship with the click of a mouse button or tap on a screen.”

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Q&A With Apruve CEO Michael Noble On The $6m Series A Round



Minneapolis B2B Fintech Venture Apruve announced raising $6m series A at the end of January.

Apruve uses a ‘credit automation platform’ to help organizations extend payment terms to their customers without added back office costs, cash flow concerns, or financial risk.

Let’s hear more about this milestone from the source, CEO Michael Noble.

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