Minnesota MusicTech 2018 Is On Oct 30th At IceHouse

by The TECHdotMN Team

Minnesota MusicTech 2018 is where music and technology collide. More than a dozen music & technology companies are based in Minnesota and this is a celebration of them:

Ion Concert Media, Audiofile Engineering, Exogal, Fideliquest, Haulix, Hum, MyMy Music, Pianu, Resonant Cavity, Soundpruf, Spark DJ, Studioso, and Zivix.

This unique event on Oct 30th at IceHouse from 8-10pm features local artists melding hardware and software to push the boundaries of sound:

  • Robot Rickshaw is a platform for the creation, performance, and dissemination of early 21st century semi-nomadic robot herder’s music.
  • Ions & Atrophy is a progressive metal band who incorporate the use of Jamstik’s Smart Guitar MIDI instrument.

Sponsored by: Vemos, Jamstik Smart Guitars, Messerli & Kramer.

Soft Robots, Skin Sensors, And Spintronics Touted By U of M In Failed Army Futures Command Center Bid


Via PRM Media

“In the spring of this year, the State of Minnesota submitted a high-profile bid to have the United States Army build a Futures Command Center in the state. The bid – while ultimately unsuccessful – provided a revealing look at how the University of Minnesota tried to market itself to the military.

More than 500 pages of documents, including the bid, were obtained by Saint Paul-based non-profit Public Record Media. The documents – particularly those that were part of a preliminary bid – showed that the school highlighted existing military projects, and was poised to form a closer partnership with the Army.”

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Mike Bollinger is stepping down from TECHdotMN

by Mike Bollinger

Dear Minnesota Tech Community,

Today is my last day at TECHdotMN.  After careful consideration over the past 12 months, I am stepping down from my position as co-founder.  I have invested deeply in this company, but not having editorial control over the content published on our platform has helped me come to the decision that now is the time for me to move on.

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Minnesota’s Thrifty Traveler Is The Online Guru Of Cheap Travel Deals


Via Star Tribune

“Like a lot of millennials, Jared Kamrowski graduated from college in 2008 with loads of debt, ample social-media experience and a thirst for adventurous travel. Unlike a lot of millennials, though, he also landed a well-paying job straight out of school — which he then gave up eight years later.”

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I’m Dan Gardner, Cofounder of ProcessBolt, And This Is How I Work


Thanks to Minnesota Tech Startup Supporter Fueled Collective for underwriting our entrepreneur-focused How I Work series!

Dan Gardner is the cofounder and President of Minneapolis tech startup ProcessBolt.

What one word best describes how you work?

Semichaotic. That’s a word now.

What is your current device/hardware/office setup?

Thinkpad, iPhone, coffee cup, water jug. Remember kids, technology is a tool, not a religion.

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Thank You Sponsor: Total Expert

by The TECHdotMN Team

It is important we recognize those who financially sponsor TECHdotMN because their direct contribution advances Minnesota’s technology industry.

Thank You Total Expert!

What does Total Expert do?

Total Expert is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that created the first enterprise-grade
Marketing Operating System specifically for the financial services industry. By aligning
marketing, sales and compliance a single system, relationship managers are empowered to
grow their personal brand within the enterprise and cultivate customers for life. Total Expert
enables producers to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person. Total
Expert has and always will succeed by building a solution that starts with customer needs –
adapting and moving quickly to meet their needs. Total Expert’s core values center around its
commitment to customer success: innovation, speed, excellence and gratitude.

How did Total Expert start?

Total Expert was founded by a top producer from within the housing industry. At the time,
founder and CEO, Joe Welu was looking for ways to empower loan officers to develop more
profitable, long-term relationships with their co-marketing partners. No other marketing
automation platform provides features to empower co-marketing and personal branding within
the enterprise and ensure compliance with complex marketing regulations. Today, Total Expert
has evolved to be the first – and only – Marketing Operating System (MOS) specifically to meet
the unique needs of the financial services industry.

What is unique about Total Expert?

To be a part of the fastest growing software company in Minnesota. The ability to have an
impact on day one and really set your role and position here. Employees are able to grow their
skill sets quickly at Total Expert because of how much we have built in a short amount of time.
Every day is different here and the energy is contagious.

What are the benefits of working at Total Expert?

We do many company outings together, twins games, boat cruises, family nights at the
park. We love to get to know one another outside of work. We have several co-ed
sports teams that play year round from softball, to kickball, to volleyball. Some other
highlights include, flexible time off, subsidized lunch, ping pong tournaments and an
arcade room in the office! If you are interested in learning more visit our careers page.

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