Tech Impact Day Offers Tools and Help for Local Nonprofits

by Valerie Lockhart

Tech Impact Day for Nonprofits

Working in a nonprofit usually means finding alternative ways to make things happen. Employees typically wear multiple hats, and projects are pulled together on a shoestring budget. What normally isn’t lacking are passion and dedication. Tech Impact Day, coordinated by Hands-on Twin Cities, brings together nonprofits that need some kind of technical problem solved, and pro bono technologists willing to help them find a solution. This combination results in techies getting to do what they do best, and nonprofits getting the tools they need, so they can focus on helping more on their mission. Win-win.
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[UPDATED] State Regulators OK Google Electricity Contracts For $600M Becker Project



Updated 5/15/19 1:00pm CST: State regulators OK Google electricity contracts for $600M Becker project.

Updated 3/27/19 12:45pm CST: Sherburne County votes to grant Google a tax abatement worth about $7.8 million over the 20-year period.

Updated 2/25/19 9:30am CST:  Google wants Sherburne County and the city of Becker to waive 20 years worth of future taxes, a $15m tax abatement, and a $20m state bond.

Originally posted via Star Tribune on 1/10/2019 titled: “Google Is Looking At Becker, Minn. For A $600m+ Wind-Powered Data Center ”

“Google is looking at Becker to build a giant data center that would cost at least $600 million and be powered by two dedicated wind farms.

The data center, essentially a big building full of servers, was disclosed Thursday in a regulatory filing by Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy, which is playing a big role in the project. The Google server farm would create about 50 full-time tech jobs and around 2,000 construction jobs over 18 to 24 months.”

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[UPDATED] 600,000+ Square Foot ‘Technology Campus’ Could Cozy Up To MOA



Updated 3/15/19 1pm CST: Sick AG, makers of sensors for industrial automation applications, is the company in question. A paywalled report says they are seeking $32 million in public funding for the project, with aspirations of employing 1,500 by year 2035.  Based in Waldkirch, Germany, Sick AG brought in $1.7 billion revenue in 2017.

Original Via Finance and Commerce 2/25/19:

“An unnamed company is proposing to build more than 600,000 square feet of tech production and office space on land the city of Bloomington owns kitty corner across from the Mall of America.

The Bloomington Planning Commission will consider on Feb. 28 making a “technology campus” an approved use for industrial property at 2501, 2601, and 2701 American Blvd. E. and 2600 Lindau Lane. The measure is a response to interest from a “high-tech company looking to establish a regional headquarters” in the city’s South Loop District, according a city staff report.”

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Frontier, Recipient Of Over $100m In Grants, Is Under Investigation In MN



Via Star Tribune

“Frontier Communications has received over $100 million in federal grants to improve rural broadband in Minnesota over the past four years, yet complaints about its internet service suffuse a state investigation of the company.

Minnesota regulators last year commissioned an inquiry into Frontier after fielding numerous complaints. In January, the Minnesota Department of Commerce issued a report concluding Frontier may have broken at least 35 state laws and failed its customers with shoddy service and inadequate network investment.”

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