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Cloudburst SBC Launches Winwingo, a New Fundraising Platform for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Talent

Minneapolis, MN, May 2023 - Cloudburst SBC is proud to announce the launch of winwinGO, a revolutionary platform that connects founders, talent, and funders to create successful projects, grow companies, and achieve success together.

winwinGO is a Shared Success Funding platform that enables entrepreneurs, investors, and talent to collaborate on projects and share in the success of their endeavors. With winwinGO, entrepreneurs can find the talent they need to build their teams and bring their ideas to life.

Talent can find exciting opportunities to work with visionary entrepreneurs under specific terms everyone feels comfortable with. And investors can connect with promising startups without going through legal hoops.

The platform is built on the principle of a Shared Success Agreement, a new, founder-friendly alternative to equity, debt or a SAFE. People can invest their talent or money in promising companies for a share of future revenue.

“The current models of startup funding leave too many founders, too much talent, and too many potential investors on the sidelines,” said Zack Steven, CEO and Founder of Cloudburst SBC.

“There aren’t very many options for founders to raise money without incurring substantial debt or sacrificing equity way too early. winwinGO brings a new level of collaboration and shared success to the startup ecosystem. It’s all about connecting entrepreneurs, investors, and talent to create successful projects. By working together, we can achieve amazing things and create a better future for everyone."

The platform offers a range of tools and resources to help entrepreneurs, investors, and talent connect, collaborate, and achieve their goals. It also includes a talent marketplace and funding platform that enables everyone to agree on the specific terms of each arrangement.

winwinGO is now available to entrepreneurs, investors, and talent worldwide.o learn more and start using WinWinGo, visit

About Cloudburst SBC

Cloudburst SBC is a custom software development company with deep entrepreneurial experience located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’re passionate about helping non-technical founders build tech companies that succeed. To learn more visit
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