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How Angel Fest is Breaking Barriers

The what, why, and how of Minnesota’s prolific angel investing event.

There’s more to ensuring a startup’s success than networking, participating in competitions, and pitching to big names. Angel investing can change the trajectory of a company for good, especially in a growing tech hub like the Twin Cities. 

Uniquely positioned to not only provide funding, but also advice and long-lasting professional relationships, angel investing is vital for our founders. That’s why Groove Capital created Angel Fest; to spread the word on what angel investing is, why it’s important, and how people from many walks of life can get involved. 

What is Angel Fest? 

Angel Fest is an immersive one-day conference where hundreds of investors from Minnesota and beyond come together to meet other thought leaders, deepen their knowledge of angel investing, and explore investment strategies and trends. Via curated conversations, interactive panels, and breakout sessions, both new and experienced angel investors can come together to connect, learn, and be inspired to fund the future.

At Angel Fest 2022, hundreds of attendees fostered meaningful conversations and connections among early-stage investors, and the event landed features in the Star Tribune, KSTP, and Twin Cities Business Magazine, to name a few. From big names like Doug Baker, former CEO of Ecolab, and Jewel Burks Solomon, head of US Google for Startups, the event made it evident that there’s a need to intentionally connect investors and changemakers in our communities. 

Why does angel investing matter? 

For a startup ecosystem, angel investors are the catalyst to create a continuous flywheel. 

Not only does a well-capitalized area lend itself to more successful startups—in turn drawing in more founders and startups—but it can also spur additional funding, help keep talent in the area, and overall continue an economic growth cycle. 

Successful founders often go on to be angel investors, mentors, or philanthropists in the community, further benefiting a region’s morale and inspiration to continue innovating. 

What will this year look like? 

At Angel Fest 2023, the focus is on bringing more players to the table and opening the doors for those who want to learn more about making a difference with their money.

With local and national celebrities coming in to share their journeys and investing insights (think Angie Bastian from BOOMCHICKAPOP! & Dhani Jones, former NFL linebacker, philanthropist, and investor), this year’s event will further expand what an “angel investor” looks like and what they’re capable of.

"Angel Fest is changing the conversations, perceptions, and local culture around angel investing. In doing so, we are breaking down barriers, expanding who participates, and equipping individuals to be more savvy investors," said Mickayla Rosard, Partner at Groove Capital. 

Who should attend Angel Fest 2023?

Whether you are a local investor, a corporate leader looking to continue to make a difference, or a changemaker who’s just getting started, Angel Fest 2023 is here to help you spread your wings. 

Angel Fest is for you, if you are a:

  • seasoned angel investor
  • starting to get involved in angel investing
  • founder looking to invest in other people’s startups
  • ecosystem builder who works with angel investors 

How do I get tickets? 

Get individual tickets here. And as an added bonus, if you purchase your ticket prior to April 18 you’ll be invited to the private Angel Fest kickoff social (April 18 @ 4-6pm). 

Otherwise group ticket packages are also available. For more information, email Mickayla Rosard at for details.

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