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BETA Fall 2022 Cohort Announced

BETA has announced the lineup of its latest cohort. Featuring companies focused on everything from next-gen virtual reality to delicious and healthy office snacks, the BETA Fall 2022 Cohort showcases the ever-expanding landscape of the Minnesota tech startup scene.

"Fall 2022 Cohort composed of diverse founders and companies from multiple industries," BETA Entrepreneur In Residence Cihan Behlivan said. "We are excited about the possibilities we can achieve with these amazing founders. "

The 14 cohort companies will hone their entrepreneurial acumen over the next five months through programming featuring industry experts and mentorship from fellow founders and thought leaders.

The entire BETA Fall 2022 Cohort will also be live demoing its products as part of Twin Cities Startup Week 2022 at BETA Showcase on Wednesday, September 21. Learn more about the event and get your ticket here.

The BETA Fall 2022 Cohort is:

Apex Games: Apex Games is a software development studio that aims to bridge the gap between fintech and gaming by creating a digital ecosystem of apps and games that are powered by our proprietary cryptocurrency APEX, that can be earned and used across all our platforms. Unlike account locked digital currency or rewards points earned on other apps, APEX will be deposited directly into the crypto wallet of your choice giving our community true ownership of their earnings. The goal is to create a paradigm shift in the way people are rewarded for interacting with technology, and create opportunities for our community to earn APEX outside of our platforms by recycling, generating renewable energy, or even maintaining good grades.

Arcade Arena: Casual social experiences designed with intent. It’s VR without the headset. Can be used for gaming, trade shows, marketing activations and more.

Axon Athletics: Axon Athletics leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to detect mental dysfunction and optimize mental performance in student athletes. Axon Athletics utilizes an online training platform that empowers sport organizations with mental health support that is scalable, adaptable, and data-driven. Axon Athletics won the 2022 University of St. Thomas Business Plan Competition and is launching their MVP in Q3 of 2022.

Babbl: Babbl is a website that tracks stock market news sentiment. Babbl gives DIY investors an edge by gauging the mood and detecting important events & trends in online stock market conversation. Babbl solves the problem of 24/7 market news coverage, so that investors can instantly and objectively know which news is driving market outcomes -- without spending hours doom-scrolling trying to find signals in the noise.

Detect Auto: Detect Auto is a computer vision based analytics platform for auto repair centers and dealership service centers. Detect Auto collect real-time repair data and provide shop owners insights and analytics on each and every repair they complete, helping them service more cars every month.

EtherSign: EtherSign is dedicated to using the power of the crypto blockchain to solve problems for small business globally. Our first product QuickTemplate provides access to crowd-sourced business templates business users can use to quickly get more business done.

Faceless Pro: Faceless Pro is revolutionary job board that levels the playing field for job seekers. Faceless Pro mask all personal information so there is no discrimination during the application process because that's when discrimination happens.

HomSurfin: HomSurfin is a gamified real estate app that allows users to search, share, and rate their favorite listings in their area and helps sellers/realtors compete for more visibility. Users swipe through listings, almost like a Tinder or a Hinge, leave comments, and like listings. Then, through user engagement, HomSurfin is able to create curated lists of top homes in every neighborhood and price range all across the country. HomSurfin believes that creating a more engaging platform will help realtors sell unique homes faster and build their brands with a very active userbase.

Impacks: Impacks is a tech powered company that simplifies the way parents and educators access critical school supplies for students. Impacks customizes the back-to-school experience for parents, educators, and school administrators through teacher-approved school supply kits tailored to each school and grade at half the national average cost, bulk supply purchases for schools, organized per classroom or customized to a specific curriculum, and monthly subscriptions that collect funds from parents and allow teachers to order supplies throughout the year (in R&D).

Mezmira: Mezmira provides personal styling services to professional women, helping them manage their time, budget and elevate their personal and professional brand. Mezmira’s service is offered through the comfort of home by video chat. Beginning with conversations to help build and manage her wardrobe, our professional stylists become her essential image consultant and advocate.

NoshPosh: NoshPosh is a health conscious snack food curator, sourcing products exclusively from BIPOC and women owned companies. Our mission is to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive food system. With our snack subscription box, in-office snack program, and fresh food vending machines, you can purchase a wide variety of health conscious snacks-all while supporting products made by BIPOC and women owned businesses.

Skillquest: Skillquest addresses the $2.5B STEM e-learning market for 14-18 year old gamers by helping gamers build skills & portfolios that get jobs through project-based learning. The product is an e-learning platform with tutorials along with virtual hackathons. The business model is a subscription service, plus paid hackathons and optional per-course purchases.

Talknician: Talknician is creating pathways for more efficient knowledge transfer within the industrial workforce via augmented reality. Our ability to enhance knowledge transfer capabilities both within and across organizations greatly improves the speed and efficacy of onboarding, upskilling, and servicing activities. Talknician empowers employees at every level of the organization to operate with collective expertise and confidence in a world of ever-increasing complexity.

Telo: Telo designs activity tracking mobility aids that provide hard data trends to better inform physical therapy and rehabilitation programs. The products balance the needs of clinicians with the wants of customers in order to keep people living independently for longer while also curving the risk of falls which cost our healthcare system over $50 billion a year.
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