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Meet the Twin Cities Startup Week 2022 Steering Committee

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: With a goal of diversifying community contribution and including a wider range of viewpoints and voices, Twin Cities Startup Week assembled a TCSW Steering Committee for its 2022 event. The inclusion of the committee is a first for the festival.

“We have a big community and it means that while there are only a few cooks in the kitchen, there are a lot of people who are contributing to making it a really excellent experience,” Shelisa Demuth, Executive Director, said in an interview with Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

The TCSW Steering Committee includes 24 volunteers from the Minnesota startup and business community. From branding experts to champions of DEI and BIPOC endeavors, the TCSW Steering Committee members reflect the diverse makeup of the Minnesota startup ecosystem and have helped shape the 2022 festival in a number of important ways from expanding its general vision, logistical planning, and festival execution. 

In the coming weeks, the Steering Committee will continue to work with the TCSW team to ensure the festival achieves its mission of providing an accessible and valuable experience for all members of the Minnesota startup ecosystem. 

Read more about the 24 members of the TCSW 2022 Steering Committee here.

The TCSW 2022 Steering Committee is:

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