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Launch Minnesota Pairs With VeeCon For Pitch Competition

Vote for your favorite startups to give them a shot at pitching at the VeeCon opening party.

Gary Vee, the serial entrepreneur, master of f-bombs and snapback caps, and oft-parodied personality, is coming to Minneapolis. From May 19-22, VeeCon will descend upon U.S. Bank Stadium with a lineup including internet celebrities, NFT gurus, Kevin Smith, professional boxer and snuff film director Logan Paul, one of the guys from One Direction, and more. 

But that's not what we're focusing on right now. For a decidedly more Minnesotan angle to the conference, Launch Minnesota is working with VeeCon to organize a startup pitch competition featuring a lineup of actual cool people. The nine startups that receive the most public votes will take the stage to pitch in front of the VeeCon audience on May 19 at the conference's opening party. 

Check out the lineup of startups below and then vote for your favorites. And if you're interested in attending VeeCon, you'll need to pony up .41 ETH ($1,292.16) for a VeeCon NFT. Oh, and for any parents looking to attend, feel free to take your babies — they'll just need a $1,200 NFT ticket too. 


  • Alkemi - Alkemi Network is an institution-grade liquidity network facilitating professional DeFi for financial institutions and individuals to earn yields on their Ethereum-based digital assets.
  • BetterYou - BetterYou is a healthy habits companion that helps people find more time for their health.
  • Buncha - Buncha connects neighborhoods with their favorite local merchants for weekly scheduled deliveries.
  • Bus Stop Mamas - Bus Stop Mamas is a jobs marketplace that gives employers access to an untapped, underutilized and critical labor force – Moms.
  • Canomiks - Canomiks is the first technology company using a genomics, bioinformatics, and AI-based platform to innovate new formulations as well as validate, test and certify the biological efficacy and safety of ingredients and formulations. Our exclusive intellectual property and groundbreaking technology is transforming the functional food and beverage and dietary supplement industry.
  • Gwoop - Gwoop is an online gaming platform, engineered by machine learning and science. Our mission is to help our users get better at gaming by providing mini-games and analytics that improve reaction time, memory, control and more.
  • Habitaware - Habitaware was born out of personal need and invented a patented smart bracelet that detects subconscious compulsive behaviors (hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting) so sufferers can take control with healthier coping strategies for lasting life change from these debilitating mental health conditions.
  • Kinetic - Empowering community managers to thoughtfully engage their members at scale.
  • NETZRO - NETZRO is a food upcycling platform that includes proprietary food tech equipment that helps power the safe capture and conversion of industrial food & beverage byproducts into new sustainable upcycled food ingredients at scale.
  • Otrafy - Otrafy is an AI-powered SaaS supplier management platform with the ability to automate compliance and identify risks in the food supply chain. Our vision is to be the source of truth for real-time food history and safety information.
  • Players Health - Working towards establishing the safest environment for athletes, Players Health views the health and safety of athletes as a priority in today’s sports landscape. We look out for the health and wellness of athletes by offering a sports technology platform that provides digital risk management services, reporting tools and insurance products to sports organizations to comply with the changing athletic environment and responsibilities.
  • SayKid - Most tech wasn't designed for kids (touch interfaces aren't natural, rigid form factors aren't playful, and excessive screen time hurts brain development). SayKid combines voice tech with tangible play to help kids learn in an actively-engaging way - without screens.
  • SitEat - SitEat is a mobile ordering application platform for in-venue concession stand that allows guest save time and skip long lines.
  • SoleSafe - SoleSafe is an end-to-end asset management platform designed for sneakerheads, by sneakerheads. It is at the center of e-commerce marketplaces, traditional financial services, alternative asset management, and insurance all built and secured by blockchain.
  • Soona - Soona makes creating photos and videos as easy as Shopify made it to launch an ecommerce sit. Soona is a content creation engine for commerce.
  • TearRestore - TearRestore Inc improves the lives of people suffering from dry eye syndrome through developing innovative over-the-counter treatments.
  • TurnSignl - TurnSignl is a first-of-its-kind tele-legal platform connecting drivers to attorneys in real-time.
  • Vemos - Vemos is a payments & analytics company in the hospitality industry. It allows venues to manage, understand and grow their business from a single platform, while enabling consumers to quickly & securely pay their checks from their phones. This marriage of consumer payments with enterprise data creates the first ubiquitous hospitality loyalty platform driven by artificial intelligence.
  • WeSparkle - Developing a conversational AI assistant for small appointment-based service businesses
  • YourPath - Developing technology and services that connect people with virtual behavioral healthcare for substance related issues.
Alex Skjong
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