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Press Release

Pop Up Think Tank Announces Cohort Program

Minnesota, USA - The Minneapolis-based startup consultancy, Pop Up Think Tank, has announced the launch of a 12-week cohort program aimed at helping tech founders raise their first $50,000.

Pop Up Think Tank has partnered with Twin Ignition Startup Garage, a founder-centric coworking space in Northeast Minneapolis, and Wefunder, a nationally-recognized Public Benefit Corporation that helps startup founders raise capital from their customers and community.

The cohort program is designed to support and equip early-stage tech founders in Minnesota seeking to secure their first round of seed funding. Throughout the 12-week program, founders will have access to workshops, experts, check-ins, and networking opportunities, all aimed at helping them to navigate the fundraising landscape and make strategic decisions to grow their businesses.

“Raising money doesn't start with pitch decks, deal terms, and company valuations,” says cohort leader and Pop Up Think Tank founder Tim Schuster. “It starts with self-awareness and one's relationship with money - our stories, values, and relationships. The good news is that asking for money is a skill that can be learned - in a space designed for learning and practicing new skills.”

The program comes with a number of benefits, such as discounted services like event facilitation, dedicated support from Wefunder, design help, and fractional CFO services.

The program is open to founders of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Applications for the 12-week cohort program are now open, and interested founders can learn more and apply at Pop Up Think Tank’s website. The program is set to kick off in April 2023.
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