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Defy Supply

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What is the name of the company and what do you retail online?

DefySupply, we have a selection of 4,600+ furniture items, all produced on-demand, from leading global manufacturers.

When was your company founded and by whom?

Founded by myself, Brent Gensler, in April 2008.

What was impetus to start Defy Supply?

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How one local Internet entrepreneur finds success in defying convention. Get To Know #23: Brent Gensler


GTK #23: Brent Gensler (16 min)

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Brent Gensler Defy SupplyBrent Gensler began traveling to China at age 19 to explore new fabric manufacturers for his parents’ upholstery business, which has been in the family since 1950.   A few years down the road and fresh off a business degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Brent started going back to China…only this time it was to scout manufacturers for his own company.

In April of 2008, Brent launched Defy Supply — an e-commerce company headquartered in Minneapolis which sells furniture directly from Chinese manufacturers  to customers across North America.  “Throughout my experiences, I realized just how many middlemen are between the original manufacturer and the end customer,” he says. “Our company basically defies that traditional supply-chain using an e-commerce model.”

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