mRemedy scooped up by Axial Exchange



By Jeff Kiger, Post-Bulletin

“A national health care technology firm announced Thursday that it dialed up a deal to acquire a mobile application company created by Mayo Clinic and local developer DoApp, Inc.

Raleigh, N.C.-based Axial Exchange acquired mRemedy, which was formed in 2009. That brings mRemedy’s myTality, a suite of patient-focused mobile health care apps, into Axial’s platform of hospital care software.”

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Mayo Clinic + DoApp joint venture mRemedy is growing up


mremedymRemedy was born late 2009 in Rochester, but it wasn’t until this year that it has really began to stand on its own.

A down south conception between mobile app developer DoApp and the renowned Mayo Clinic, mRemedy has matured from a single mobile app into a B2B suite of functionality for healthcare providers seeking to optimize their patient outcomes by leveraging iOS and Android devices.

“A major problem with healthcare today is that 90% of health care costs come from 15% of patients with chronic conditions such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes,” states mRemedy’s Patrick Smith. “To that extent, the myTality platform is cost effective toolbox that can help address these widespread issues in a preventative nature.”

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10 demos slated for Mobile 3D

Mobile 3DOrganized in conjunction with the upcoming Mobile March, Mobile 3D is a demo showcase dedicated to mobile creations produced in Minnesota.

Each presenter will have 8 minutes to exhibit their product and take a question from the audience.

Held the night of March 16th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, the $20 event includes an evening of dinner, beverages and discussion with fellow mobile developers and enthusiasts.  A list of technologies on the docket was just announced:

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