Updated – Dispatches from the RAIN Makers Conference

by Mike Bollinger


RAIN Makers Conference

Over two non-stop days, a number of Minnesota tech entrepreneurs are commingling with accredited investors at the RAIN Maker’s Conference in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Hosted by RAIN Source Capital, the theme of this year’s 7th annual gathering is focus—where to expend capital and time to maximize future returns.  Richard Sudek, Chairman of Tech Coast Angels gave Thursday’s keynote and Keith Kegley from the XPrize Foundation delivered Friday’s closing remarks.  Five Minnesota technology start-ups are exhibiting at the event, in alphabetical order:

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Powerful Document Collaboration with Redliner



By Steve Borsch, Minnov8

“If you collaborate with others on contracts, agreements, leases, press releases, copy for your website, or any other activity where multiple people have to touch an electronic document, you know all too well the incredible frustration that results from trying to track changes to any of it! Redliner is a new offering, still in beta, that not only eliminates that frustration but does so with enough unique aspects that you’ll likely stop using Google Docs, emailed Word .docs or other means to collaborate with clients or colleagues.”

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Local Startup Spotlight #6: Redliner


Redliner Logo


LSS#6: Redliner.com

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After a long bout of scheduling conflicts and Swine Flu, we finally caught up with David Womeldorf, VP for Redliner.com. Redliner is led by CEO Jerry Grabowski, and brought to life by a small team of experienced developers. With a decade of previous web/tech startup experience, David joined the Redliner team approx. a year ago, back when this technology was still in concept form.

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