Updated: Presenters Added – MinneDemo is Back on January 13!

by Mike Bollinger


The 9th production of MinnDemo will take place on Thursday, January 13, 6:00pm at St. Thomas’ Schulze Hall.

MinneDemo happens roughly 2-3 times per year to showcase real, working technology products made in Minnesota. In January, ten companies will give 7-minute demos of functional hardware and/or software. In addition to the Minnesota tech buzz, the event is known for facilitating some of the best startup networking in town.

Organizers Ben Edwards and Luke Francl have moved the event to St. Thomas from its previous location at Intermedia Arts in Uptown. “We’ve had such a huge level of interest in this event that we’ve needed to move it around as space has become an issue. We’re always looking for better venues,” said Ben. In the past the event has been held at Chang Mai Tai, Acadia Cafe (before it moved), O’Gara’s, and Intermedia Arts.

Updated 1/5/10 12:45 – The 10 demonstrations include:

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Fowler Business Concept Challenge Awards Thousands to UST Tech Entrepreneurs

by Brooke Rymer

You don’t have to be born creative to be creative. Creativity is really about being resourceful, and you know what requires a lot of resourcefulness?

Being an entrepreneur!

Because ideas are meant to evolve into living, breathing, things, The University of St. Thomas is less a hub for idea generation and more of a launching pad for new ventures.  The University challenges students to think beyond the confines of the classroom by asking them to apply their passions to the viability required by reality — competition style.

For the second year in a row, the University has enabled students to do this through the Fowler Business Concept Challenge where students compete for tens of thousands in scholarships. It’s made possible by the generosity of Ron Fowler, 1966 UST Alumni and chairman and CEO of Liquid Investments, Inc.

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Q & A with Mike Moore from the UST William C. Norris Institute seed stage capital fund

by Zach Robins


Michael Moore UST Norris InstituteCreated by Founder and CEO of Control Data Corp., William C. Norris,  the William C. Norris Institute is a seed stage capital fund serving “innovative technology-based companies that are in the early stages of commercializing proprietary products and services.”

Since 2001, the Institute has been affiliated with the University of St. Thomas, Opus College of Business (although the fund is not exclusively reserved for UST students and alumni). Unlike most investment funds, the primary is objective is education, rather than return on investment.

My interview with Mike Moore, Director of The William C. Norris Institute, follows:

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