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Love, Acceptance, and Safety: Tyrre Burks of Players Health

Players Health CEO Tyrre Burks makes a triumphant return to The Podcast with a new raise in the books and thoughts about the state of the Minnesota startup landscape.

How do you keep your mission priority number one while raising capital? Are things getting better for early-stage startups in Minnesota? How do you learn to accept failures and grow from them? In his second appearance on The Podcast, Tyrre Burks answers all of these questions and more. With a new raise and a guest spot in the upcoming FUN Spring 2022 from BETA (get your ticket today!), the Players Health CEO has a lot to talk about.


And be sure to catch up with Tyrre's first episode, too!


Alex Skjong
Alex oversees the content produced for BETA, Twin Cities Startup Week, and When he’s not writing or editing, there’s a good chance he’s enjoying a refreshing brew and explaining the merits of heavy metal (of which there are many).