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This Is the Contributor Network

Introducing the Contributor Network, the new venture from amplifying voices of the Minnesota tech and startup community. 

I'm not a founder.

I've never taken a small spark of an idea and painstakingly refined and refined (and refined and refined...) it until *poof* a business exists. Work? Sure. I've done plenty of that. But that very special founder spark is something I'm not personally familiar with.

But I'd have to have my head pretty deep in the sand to not see those sparks igniting all across our community.

Robots, SaaS products, and empanadas (oh my!) are popping up across the landscape of Minnesota startups, and condensing the breadth of innovation down to a paltry three items does the whole scene a serious disservice.

Pitch AIs, charitable giving and saving services, BNPL providers, healthcare juggernauts, apps that turn scoping out new homes into a Tinder-like experience, virtual reality specialists...

With each creation comes a new and refreshing breath of innovation to our state, and that's undoubtedly worth celebrating.

Even better? Behind every venture is a real, breathing, honest-to-goodness human being. Each of those founders has lived experiences, expertise, (probably) some embarrassing stories, advice...

Simply put, they all have a voice.

Those voices are what the Contributor Network is all about. High-value content straight from the people who are the startup community. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you can count on a new and engaging Contributor article on the front page of tackling everything from tricky topics like who should pick up a check during a founder/investor lunch meeting to practical how-tos on writing a forwardable email.

We assembled a crew of Contributors to help propel the Contributor Network through its first phase. Each person has a unique perspective and area of thought leadership that will help make your go-to site (at least) two days a week. And the fun doesn't stop once the page stops scrolling. Head to Twitter and LinkedIn to voice your opinions, share your own experiences, and drop a few gifs (why not, right?).

You are as much a part of this as is.

I'm not a founder and, let's just call a spade a spade, you probably don't care a whole lot about what I have to say. But there are a lot of founders right here in our freezing dark wonderful state. And the Contributor Network is the place to hear from them.

Alex Skjong
Alex oversees the content produced for BETA, Twin Cities Startup Week, and When he’s not writing or editing, there’s a good chance he’s enjoying a refreshing brew and explaining the merits of heavy metal (of which there are many).