Twin Cities Startup Week Awards

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Join us in celebrating the culmination of Twin Cities Startup Week with the annual Awards Ceremony.

Here we recognize the makers, inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs that make the Minnesota startup ecosystem thrive. This event brings the community together to network, learn about each other’s successes, and honor the depth and diversity of our state.

This year Ernst & Young and Tech.MN are proud to co-host the annual Twin Cities Startup Week Awards, taking place on Wednesday, October 16, at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul, Minnesota.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to get involved/volunteer for TCSW Awards 2019 please reach out at: [email protected]

Nominations begin now! Submit your nominations for one or all of the awards below.

Emerging Startup Award

Recognizing a hungry new organization or individual to Minnesota’s startup community.

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Voyager Award

Recognizing an organization or individual who has successfully bootstrapped their technology organization.

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The Redwood (Corporate Champion) Award

Recognizing a corporate organization or team driving innovation, collaboration, and support for Minnesota’s startup ecosystem.

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Impact Award

Recognizing an organization, team, or individual who make Minnesota a better place to launch and grow startups.

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10K Lakes Award (Greater MN)

Recognizing an organization, team, or individual fueling Minnesota’s startup ecosystem outside the greater MSP Area.

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Operational Excellence Award

Recognizing an organization or team delivering exceptional organizational performance, employee engagement, and/or customer success.

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Inclusive Evolution Award

Recognizing an organization or team making systemic changes to organizational culture and practices to build a more inclusive, safe, thoughtful, and engaging environment.

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