TempWorks Software CEO Dourgarian On Record Revenue Gains



Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 1.18.13 PMEagan-based TempWorks Software came out loud and proud, disclosing record revenues of $21m sales and 99% customer retention rate throughout 2016.

We talked with CEO David Dourgarian to hear more about what’s working…

When and how did TempWorks Software form?

My father actually started TempWorks in 1997. Our family owned some ManPower temporary staffing agencies in Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe at the time.

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Minnesota Startup Dispatch Is Making A Run At The Courier Industry


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 7.57.22 AMIt was National Doughnut Day on June 2nd, 2016.

Andrew Leone, then CFO for Johnstone Supply in Bloomington, decided to order some treats for the staff.

Leone also had another thought: he should surprise his wife, at home and pregnant at the time — what a perfect plan he had.

So he jumped online and went through one of the state’s largest courier services, placing his order and receiving an email confirmation. Thirty minutes later, the doughnut delivery showed up to his office.  He sat there waiting for a delighted call from home, popping some holes as an appetizer while surveying the landscape of options before him.

After an hour had passed with no word from his wife, he really started getting nervous. Was it the maple bar?

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MESA Rolls Out ‘Seed’ For Mentorship of Early Stage Tech Startups


MESAMinnesota Emerging Software Advisory — aka MESA –is rolling out ‘Seed’ to augment their C-level mentorship model with a new pathway for local tech startups seeking guidance from others who may have been there before.

As formed in 2009, MESA’s missions is to “make Minnesota’s software community among the most vibrant by providing C-level mentoring for CEOs of emerging software companies.”

Since then, MESA has grown to 21 mentors, engaged with over unique 30 companies and graduated 13 to date.

Now, with Seed, pre-revenue startups have an opportunity to participate provided that they: (1)  Offer a value proposition with significant market opportunity, (2) have  viable  software that already exists and (3) are led by a coachable founder/CEO.

“We’re introducing Seed to serve more companies with the intention of helping them grow into the regular MESA system originally created,” says spokesperson Jim Moar.  “We have the hard evidence and entrepreneur testimonials that what we’re doing is valuable, so it’s time for broader reach and impact.”

Under the original MESA model, now called “Core,” a qualified post-revenue company is paired with two local tech mentors for monthly meetings over a duration of 2-3 years.  In exchange, the company pays MESA somewhere between $500-$2,000/year for administrative overhead as MESA’s mentors are unpaid volunteers who do not take equity.

Under Seed, a single mentor is matched and there is no cost whatsoever for participating companies up to a year. The objective is simply to help the mentee achieve a more significant presence in their respective market and become a revenue-generating scalable enterprise.

18 companies overall are currently active within MESA’s portfolio, and of those, six are already enrolled in Seed.


MESA Modestly Marches On

MESA’s matchmaking has momentum

Seasoned Minnesota Tech Execs Form New Advisory Group

The 2016 Minnesota Tech M&A Review


Franklin PartnersThank you to Franklin Partners for underwriting this report.

A total of 45 merger / acquisition transactions involving Minnesota-based technology firms was reported in 2016.

This is down from 47 reported in 2015; there were 63 in 2014, 59 in 2013, and 45 in 2012 – when the annual M&A review first began.

This is the most comprehensive analysis of local tech deals, yet it’s always imperfect because there are off the record/undisclosed transactions.  Observations based off the numbers for 2016:

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Veteran Led Tech Startup Intervotion Targets First Responders


Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.36.17 AMWe’ve all seen futuristic sci-fi movies that depict sophisticated law enforcement operations, the ones where commanders pull up 3D holographic layouts of a building’s interior while outlining the team’s strategic plan.

While current methods are nowhere near that level of advancement, you might not realize just how big the gap is.

Michael O’Leary says that in his discussions with police, paramedics and firefighters across the country, he has been told that Google Maps often provides better location logistics than the antiquated systems used by departments.

In the information age, emergency services are lagging behind, and O’Leary sees that as a major problem.

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Mankato’s Capstone Spins Out & Sells myOn Edutech Software



Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 9.33.12 AMVia News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS — Capstone, a leading publisher of children’s books and digital reading products and services, announced today that Francisco Partners, a leading technology investment firm, has acquired myON. In conjunction with the transaction, Francisco Partners plans to make a significant growth investment in myON.”

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32 High School Women Honored For Annual Aspirations in Computing Awards



Via News Release

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 1.10.06 PM“SAINT PAUL (February 2017) – Advance IT Minnesota, the high-tech Center of Excellence in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, today announced the names of 32 high school students selected as winners and honorable mentions in the fifth annual Minnesota Aspirations in Computing Awards (AiC). The awards program honors young women in grades 9-12 for their computing-related achievements and interests in technology, and was started to support and encourage young women to pursue careers in technology.”

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Mayo Clinic Backs AI Nurse Startup Sense.ly



By Lora Kolodny, TechCrunch

“San Francisco startup Sense.ly has raised $8 million in a Series B round of venture funding to bring its virtual nurse technology to clinics and patients of every kind. The company’s app helps physicians stay in touch with patients, and prevent readmission to the hospital. Chief Executive Officer and founder of Sense.ly, Adam Odessky describes the platform as “A cross between Whatsapp and Siri that captures all the important signals about a person’s health.”

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