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Since’s re-launch in early 2020, we’ve taken pride in shining the spotlight on the people and stories of the Minnesota tech and startup community. We’ve always had a community-driven mission, and we’re excited to be taking that goal to the next level with the Contributor Network. 

What is the Contributor Network?

The Contributor Network is the voice of the tech and startup community, directly sharing the viewpoints of a diverse lineup of thought leaders, technologists, and founders with the community. The content created by the Contributors will drive discussion about what it means to be a founder, challenge preconceived notions of Minnesota startup, and serve the community through educational resources. 

How do you participate?

We’re looking for a diverse group of Contributors to create articles on a regular basis for the Contributor Network. Are you a seasoned investor? A founder with several exits under your belt? A brand new founder looking to chronicle your journey? The Contributor Network is for you. 

With the help of the team, you’ll create written content to be posted and promoted on This content will live on, but it will be entirely your voice, your thoughts, and your unique perspective. With your input, the Contributor Network can grow into the source of tech and startup discussion in Minnesota. 

What are the benefits of being a Contributor?

Compensation: Every Contributor will be financially compensated for their work.

Promotion: Promote your business to a dedicated audience of thousands through meaningful content.

Growth: Further establish yourself or your business as a thought leader in the community.

Become a Contributor

We're building a network of contributors to drive conversation, educate, and broaden perspectives in the Minnesota tech and startup community.


Learn more about the network and how you can participate below.

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