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Minnesota MusicTech 2018 Is On Oct 30th At IceHouse

by The TECHdotMN Team

Minnesota MusicTech 2018 is where music and technology collide. More than a dozen music & technology companies are based in Minnesota and this is a celebration of them:

Ion Concert Media, Audiofile Engineering, Exogal, Fideliquest, Haulix, Hum, MyMy Music, Pianu, Resonant Cavity, Soundpruf, Spark DJ, Studioso, and Zivix.

This unique event on Oct 30th at IceHouse from 8-10pm features local artists melding hardware and software to push the boundaries of sound:

  • Robot Rickshaw is a platform for the creation, performance, and dissemination of early 21st century semi-nomadic robot herder’s music.
  • Ions & Atrophy is a progressive metal band who incorporate the use of Jamstik’s Smart Guitar MIDI instrument.

Sponsored by: Vemos, Jamstik Smart Guitars, Messerli & Kramer.

In Conversation With Angelina Lawton, Founder & CEO, Sportsdigita



Via Sports Venue Business

“In this latest interview, we hear from Angelina Lawton, Founder & CEO at Sportsdigita, who we caught up with at the ALSD International event in London last week. Angelina, firstly, welcome to London and ALSD International. Could you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself, your career journey thus far and your most memorable career highlights to date?”

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Meet Atland Ventures: A Student-Run VC Firm at the U of M



Via Twin Cities Business

“The University of Minnesota has long been a hotbed of innovation, launching hundreds of startups and entrepreneurial ideas over its more than 150-year history. One of the newest, though, is unlike anything the school’s ever seen: an independent, student-run venture capital firm called Atland Ventures.”

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Q&A With Total Expert CEO Joe Welu On The $20m Round



Total Expert is a [B2B FINTECH] software company started by Joe Welu in 2012.  As a former industry insider, Welu launched the company as a vertically focused CRM and has since expanded it into an all encompassing “Marketing OS”.

By 2014 the company was achieving noticeable traction followed by initial investor attention in 2016.   Earlier this year they hit the 100 person milestone and Inc. 500/5000 recognition for ~ 1,500% three year revenue gains.

Just last week, Welu went to the next level with $20 million dollars of fresh venture capital from previous and new investors — launching Total Expert into the top 20 most funded of Minnesota’s tech industry.

Let’s hear what he has to say about it:

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