In spite of a plethora of digital collaboration software and apps for team to choose from, there are those who have never given up their love of the paper Post-It note. Go to any workplace and you’ll find at least one desk covered in cheerful hues of the sticky notes. Today, 3M announced that its loyal band of followers can enjoy the best of both worlds with a new integration between the Post-It App and digital project management tool, Trello.

Old School and New School Collide in Post-It/Trello Collaboration

Via Businesswire

Post-It App users will be able to turn their paper Post-it Notes into digital project plans, assign owners, and track status through Trello’s web, mobile and desktop apps. “Many great ideas start out as scribbles on Post-it Notes during meetings or in between tasks,” said Michael Pryor, Founder and Head of Trello. “After the momentum of a brainstorm or a full day of meetings winds down, many people are faced with the ‘next step’ problem – how to organize and move forward with the exciting ideas that they’ve captured. Trello’s integration with the Post-it App provides a place where intent can become action.”