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The Podcast: A Chat with Liz Giorgi, Emmy Award Winner, Asker of Questions, and Co-founder of soona

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On Episode 24, Kevin McArdle, owner of SureSwift Capital and Jac Stark, Community Manager for, welcome Liz Giorgi, co-founder and CEO of soona, to chat about what a difference a year can make.

Liz shares the story of soona and their unique business case for democratizing high quality content production. She walks us through the whirlwind of being part of Techstars in Boulder, closing a finance round, and opening shops in Minneapolis and Denver. We talk about the spectrum of content creation, the soona team, and the tech behind the company. Liz also speaks on soona’s latest raise with Matchstick Ventures and Starting Line.

We dive into the Candor Clause, an open-source legal disclosure, crafted by the co-owners and their legal team, used for inclusion in fundraising documents that protects founders from sexual harassment and/or discrimination from investors. Lastly, Liz gives us the most poetic case for northern Minnesota and now we are packing our bags for a long weekend up north.

The Podcast: Episode with Liz Giorgi of soona

Hype Time
Every episode we ask our guest to name drop someone doing cool things in the tech community. Liz gives a shoutout to her co-founder, Hayley Anderson.

Thank you to Arthur Ventures for sponsoring this episode of The Podcast. Arthur Ventures invests in B2B software founders beyond Silicon Valley and takes a partner approach to venture capital. They support tech entrepreneurship in Minnesota. You can learn more about them at their website and hear about their latest raise here.

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