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Introducing FuckUp Nights Twin Cities: Join Us in Embracing Failure in the Twin Cities


About this Event Series
We are debuting this unique storytelling event on March 5th, 2020, and invite you to join us in embracing failure by coming to listen to stories of professional and personal failure in a safe space.

FuckUp Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to share public business failure stories with hundreds of people attending each event around the world. Every few months speakers will be invited to talk about their FuckUp stories; we’ll learn about their biggest mistakes, what they learned, how they moved on- all whilst sharing invaluable advice along the way.

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Our Speakers for the very first FuckUp Nights Twin Cities

Twila Dang (Founder / CEO of Matriarch Digital): Mom, wife, entrepreneur and storyteller. My mom told me once at nine years old that I knew enough $15 words to confuse any bully and give myself a head start. She was right.

Giselle Ugarte (Director of Marketing at Media Bridge Advertising, Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach): Giselle Ugarte is the Director of Marketing at Media Bridge Advertising, a renowned motivational speaker and a digital influencer with over 200,000 followers. Each day, she helps people and brands step into their power, with a strategy meets authenticity approach to own your story (including your fuckups and insecurities). She was last year’s youngest recipient of MSPBJ’s 40 Under 40 Awards, is a gymnastics coach and serves on the board for Special Olympics, and she’s a special ambassador for Secondhand Hounds and Best Christmas Ever.

Yu Sunny Han (Founder / CEO of Fulcrum): Delivering a connected future where frictionless manufacturing production and supply chains lead to faster and better product innovations.

Join us at WeWork North Loop on Thursday, March 5, 2020 for drinks, nibbles, and FuckUps! Get your ticket now. 

Jac Stark
Jac is a self-proclaimed MN tech and startup hype girl and has a knack for curating Twin Cities outings.