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Announcing’s Newest Podcast: Twenty Minutes

Here’s an understatement to end all understatements — life moves fast. And if you’re part of the startup and tech community in Minnesota, it can feel like it moves even faster.

Twenty Minutes by is the podcast for you. A podcast with the biggest Minnesota news of the week tied up in a pretty 20-minute bow, Twenty Minutes talks with the people behind the headlines of the week in short-form interviews. We condense the latest acquisitions, newest hires, and biggest product releases into a digestible, listenable, and personable experience so you can keep up without slowing down.

We’re excited to debut our newest podcast on Friday, February 19 wherever you get your podcasts. We know you haven’t heard an episode (yet!), but if you like what you hear, please consider leaving a review on Apple Podcasts. We appreciate it.

If you have a news story you think we should cover, send us a tip.

Twenty Minutes by Every Friday.

Thanks for listening.

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And if you’re looking for in-depth interviews with the wonderful people of the Minnesota tech and startup community, The Podcast is here for you with more than 70 episodes of audio gold.


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Alex Skjong
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