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Twenty Minutes: October 1, 2021

TCSW 2021 is officially in the books, Minnesota Startup Award victories, and podcasting recording  This is the news in Minnesota tech and startup for the week of Friday, September 17.

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Featured Interviews:

Allisa Song, CEO of Nanodropper (Grand Prize Winner of MN Cup 2021)

Jessica Berg, Director of MN Cup


2021 Minnesota Startup Awards Recap

5 Companies Win Meda’s Million Dollar Challenge

This episode of Twenty Minutes is powered by:

The Jed Mahonis Group and Constant Variables

This week’s episode of Constant Variables:

“The term “smart city” may have you imagining The Jetsons’ flying cars and Skypad apartments, but Director of Innovation and Technology at the City of Sioux Falls, Mike Grigsby, joins the show to talk about why technology *isn’t* part of his definition of a smart city.

He explains why cities need someone internally to champion innovation, why data is a major pillar of a connected community, and how smart city technologies impact everyone, either directly or indirectly.”

Twin Cities Podcast Hosts UNPLUGGED, Part 1: Sales

Twin Cities Podcast Hosts UNPLUGGED – Marketing

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