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Nanodropper Announces Partnership With Lumata Health

Nanodropper has announced a partnership with Lumata Health that will bring the Nanodropper Adaptor device to Lumata Health network patients across the United States. Through the partnership, patients enrolled in the Lumata program will receive a free Nanodropper device to use with their eye medication.

“This partnership with Lumata further breaks down barriers standing between patients and eyedrop treatment adherence,” Mackenzie Andrews, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Nanodropper, said in a release. “We’ve recognized the true impediments to patients receiving proper eye care are cost, running out of the prescription ahead of schedule, and forgetfulness or confusion about the eyedrop treatment regimen. Through this partnership, we are addressing each of those barriers to bring patients eyecare that is cost effective and eliminates waste.”

Lumata says it is evaluating the Nanodropper device on a trial basis and, as the partnership evolves, clinics in the Lumata network will be able to carry and distribute the Nanodropper device.

“By reducing the volume per drop, Nanodropper not only alleviates the common obstacle of frequent trips to the pharmacy for early prescription refills, but also significantly reduces the cost burden for patients on a fixed income juggling expensive medication costs,” Landon Grace, Chief Science Officer at Lumata Health, said in the release. “In the early stages of the pilot program, we’ve already collected a wave of positive feedback from patients using the adaptor. Their prescriptions are lasting longer, they are saving on medication costs, and they have commented on the improved physical experience of using the proper drop size.”

Nanodropper is a Rochester-based medical device company creating eyedrop bottle adaptors that reduce the size of eyedrops, reducing waste and saving money. The company secured a $1.4 million seed round in April 2021.

Lumata Health is a, “tech-enabled healthcare service company focused on preventing blindness from chronic eye conditions.” The company managers more than 100,000 patients and is backed by more than $2 million in research funding from the National Eye Institute.

Alex Skjong
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