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[Updated] Minnestar Announces Presenters for Minnedemo: Back to Campus

Announcement for Minnedemo: Back to Campus

[Updated] Minnestar announced their lineup for Minnedemo: Back to Campus today. The event, which was postponed until February 20th, will take place at the Target Plaza Commons in Minneapolis.

The second annual Back to Campus Minnedemo will celebrate local student and recent graduate s as they demo their real working technology. Free tickets can be reserved here.

Presenters include:

Open Doors Logo
Open Doors Housing Resource

Open Doors is a web application that makes information on emergency housing availability more accessible.


Trivia Weekend Logo

Trivia Weekend

A team management system for the thousands of participants in unique, 50-hour trivia contests, built to bolster communication among players and simplify contest planning.


Marvin Logo


Mental Health Crises Chatbot: Marvin is a mental health chatbot that uses a state of the art Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to guide dialogue and psychological therapy for those undergoing mental illnesses and crises.


Bloom Logo


Bloom is a mobile-first user-friendly child development tracker that looks at four milestones, Communication and Language, Social Emotional, Cognitive, and Motor skills. Logo

A service platform to provide baby names based on domain availability.


Kool Water System Logo

The Kool Water System

The Kool Water System is a unique and innovative product for the shower that uses an arduino to recycle cold water stuck in the drains by mixing it with hot water, therefore getting the perfect temperature for a nice shower experience.
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