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Building a Better Product: Case Study Wrap Up (Part 2)

Be sure to catch up with Part 1 of this Case Study Wrap Up.

Beardbrand understands that human attention is scarce, so it employs multiple online and offline strategies. The company’s multichannel approach consists of one-on-one interactions at events such as SXSW, lengthy personal grooming tips online, and consistent engagement on social media.

The company is also notable for delightfully surprising its customers, an aspect of building a brand or product that shouldn’t be ignored.

An organization’s human-centered strategy is incomplete without surprise and delight. People are designed to enjoy positive surprises. Research by Gregory Berns tells us that the human brain not only looks for surprises, but actually craves it. Zappos also has a knack for surprising its customers.

Surprises can take many forms such as direct communication with the CEO, unexpected free gifts, or a small act of tailored kindness. It’s easier to find 1000 True Fans when a business delightfully surprises the people it serves.  In Beardbrand’s case, the company provides quirky yet helpful online video tutorials such as guides on how to eat with full beards and tips on the best season to grow facial hair.

Surprise customers as part of your human centered strategy. Going above and beyond at some frequency is likely to delight people and create an affinity for your service or product. Extravagant and resource intensive surprises are unnecessary. Understand your customer’s pain or unmet need and set an expectation of how you plan to resolve it. Then, do the unexpected to delight them. Memorable experiences demonstrate care and commitment to your people’s needs. Give your customers a reason to talk about you.

Going above and beyond at some frequency is likely to delight people and create an affinity for your service or product.

As the Beardbrand case study has shown, a company that focuses on customers sets the stage for potential success in the experience economy. While the techniques are unique to Beardbrand’s product and situation, the process can be adopted and scaled by anyone looking to build a better product.

Sangam Napit
Sangam is a UX Research Manager and loves to create human-centric products. If he’s not spending time with family, mentoring at Gener8tor, or volunteering at Rotary, you can find him sharing ideas about starting new businesses over momos.