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HabitAware Announces Keen2 Smart Bracelet

What to know about Keen2 from Minneapolis startup HabitAware:

  • Keen2 is again focused on helping those struggling with body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) such as skin picking, nail biting, and hair pulling
  • Customer feedback and National Institute of Health (NIH) research informed Keen2’s development
  • Keen2 is built on the foundation of the original Keen smart bracelet and mobile app but features several improvements
      • Improved gesture detection
      • Habit Reversal Therapy, including gamified awareness training system (in-app purchase)
      • Improved in-app dashboard for behavior tracking
      • Detailed data analysis (in-app purchase)
      • Improved water resistance
      • Watch face (time & date)
      • Step tracking
      • Breathing light
      • Ongoing support (optional)
  • Keen2 costs $179 (plus an optional in-app subscription) and is available in two colors — white and charcoal
  • Pre-orders are available starting today with a shipping estimate of February 2021

The Quote: Aneela Idnani, President and Co-Founder, HabitAware

“Many of us with BFRBs hide our behavior, the physical side effects, and the mental pain. We feel alone. At HabitAware, we encourage a shift from concealing to healing as Keen2 empowers recovery and positive change.”

Read more about HabitAware and Keen2 in the full release below. Release has been edited for length.


Be sure to listen to our interview with Aneela Idnani on The Podcast.

Minneapolis, MN — November 11, 2020 — HabitAware is excited to announce​ Keen2,an elegant smart bracelet and mobile app system that uses patented gesture detection technology to bring “keen” awareness to trance-like and unwanted mental health behaviors—skin picking (dermatillomania), nail-biting (onychophagia), and hair-pulling(trichotillomania). HabitAware aims to solve the most difficult steps of overcoming these body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs): building awareness and practicing healthier coping strategies to retrain the brain.

keen2Aneela Idnani co-founded HabitAware in 2016 with the goals of overcoming her hidden, 20+ year struggle with trichotillomania, empowering others to do the same, and destigmatizing BFRBs. As Aneela shares, “BFRBs afflict 1 in 20 Americans (~20mm people)… If it’s not you, it’s someone you love.” After years of positive response around the first generation Keen device—including Time’s Best Inventions 2018—customer feedback and NIH research guided Keen 2’s development.

Keen2’s improved gesture detection creates awareness of BFRBs and empowers healthy behavior change. Users train the smart bracelet by recording wrist angle, position, motion, and speed to recognize their repetitive hand movements. A gentle vibration—“a hug on the wrist”—shifts the behavior from the subconscious to the conscious mind when Keen2 senses the trained movement.

“Many of us with BFRBs hide our behavior, the physical side effects, and the mental pain. We feel alone.” Idnani shares. “At HabitAware, we encourage a shift from concealing to healing as Keen2 empowers recovery and positive change.”

Where the first iteration of Keen focuses on awareness, Keen2’s upgraded system is built on a 3-step evidence-based process: awareness, competing response, and support, expanding its benefits with innovative hardware and a powerful new app. In-app course modules walk users through the BFRB retraining process, and additional add-ons like Habit Reversal Training (HRT) give users access to healthy, scientifically-proven strategies. The app also provides pleasant emotional support messaging and new features to create a holistic experience.

Most people with BFRBs go to long lengths, spending time and money, to hide their condition. For a fraction of the price of wigs, years worth of make-up, eyebrow tattoos, and other attempts at concealment, Keen2 empowers lasting behavior change. With HabitAware’s patented, safety-certified technology and top-of-the-line algorithm, it has proven results over years of testing.

About HabitAware

HabitAware creates tools to help people manage Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) by bringing “keen” awareness to trancelike and unwanted mental health behaviors. 1 in 20 Americans (22mm people) suffer from BFRBs, many filled with shame and guilt for their very real medical condition. HabitAware’s wearable devices empower awareness and their accompanying app, blog, social channels, e-newsletter, and webinars foster community and inspire confidence while reducing mental health stigma. HabitAware provides holistic solutions to managing BFRBs—their latest product, Keen2, is a powerful smart bracelet and mobile app system that gives users the space and tools to choose healthier soothing strategies and retrain their brain.

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