What to know about The Coven’s new location:

  • On March 1, The Coven (the coworking space for women, non-binary, and trans people) is moving its Minneapolis location (currently at 30 N 1st Street) to a new location on Eat Street — 2429 Nicollet Ave
  • The new location is in partnership with marketing agency Zeus Jones
  • The Eat Street location will have all of the amenities currently offered with some additional perks including free parking, bike storage, and outdoor seating
  • To kick off the new location, The Coven is offering two six-month promotions
    • $500 for six months of a Build Membership ($70 off the normal cost), or $1,000 for six months of a Grow Membership ($350 off the normal cost)
    • Members who choose one of these promotions will have the opportunity to renew at the same price every six months

The Coven expanded into St. Paul in early 2020.