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TinySeed Announces Second Fund of More Than $25 Million

What to know about the latest fund from TinySeed:

  • TinySeed, the Minneapolis-based venture capital firm and accelerator, has announced a second fund totaling more than $25 million
  • TinySeed says the funds will allow investments in more than 100 companies over the next three years across North and South America
  • The firm listed a number of fund investors including Bloomberg Beta, Eric Ries, Patrick McKenzie, Steli Efti, and Rand Fishkin
  • TinySeed focuses on, “early-stage SaaS founders who want an alternative to the traditional “unicorn or bust” narrative.”
  • In the blog detailing the fund, TinySeed also mentioned a European program slated for late 2021 or early 2022 with an Asian program to follow afterward

The Quote: Rob Walling, Co-founder of TinySeed

“Our investment approach is unlike any we’ve seen among alternative funding options, and it resonates with founders who aren’t sure if they want to jump on the venture track, raise an angel round, be acquired, or grow a profitable company. We support all of those outcomes.”

Alex Skjong
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