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gBETA St. Thomas Announces 2021 Cohort

What to know about the 2021 cohort of gBETA St. Thomas:

  • gBETA St. Thomas, a partnership between gBETA and the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, has announced its 2021 cohort
  • The program is a free, seven-week accelerator focused on startups founded by St. Thomas students and alumni
  • Participants in the program receive individualized coaching, access to gBETA’s network of mentors, partners, and investors, and guidance on how to, “…gain early customer traction on their product or idea, and establish metrics that can make them competitive applicants for full-time, equity-based accelerators or seed investment.”
  • If you’re interested in participating in the program, you can schedule office hours with gBETA St. Thomas Director Jake Smith

The gBETA St. Thomas 2021 cohort is:

Love You Cookie
Love You Cookie makes indulgent, approachable cookies inspired by classic recipes and sells them through ecommerce and retail. As a 100% minority-owned business, Love You Cookie inspires Millennials to be Defiant Optimists™ through community-focused media and events. Love You Cookie has sold over $60k in 2021 and signed Target and Lululemon as future retail partners.

Sahr Brima, Co-Founder and CEO | |

Seraph 7 Studios
Seraph 7 Studios develops console video games (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo) that create change for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities all over the world. Seraph 7 distributes through online marketplaces for instant purchase-to-play. Seraph 7 provides science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics work-study for local high school students. Seraph 7 Studios is a Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation and will release its first game in Q1 2022.

Jules Porter, Founder | |

SimBull Sports Exchange helps sports fans profit from their knowledge by trading virtual shares that represent professional and collegiate teams. Users buy and sell shares in virtual sports teams that mirror objective results, interact with other fans in SimBull’s sports community, and monetize their sports content. SimBull has over 1,500 active members and a market cap of $350,000.

Kenneth Giles, Co-Founder and CEO | |

Willa’s creates deliciously creamy plant milks using whole, organic ingredients for the dairy-free foodie. Willa’s Plant Milks are revolutionary in their nutrition-packed simplicity, delicious consistency, and no-waste process, making them the healthiest and most sustainable options available. Willa’s is a consistent top-seller on Amazon and recently added Foxtrot and Erewhon as retail partners.

Christina Dorr Drake, Co-Founder and CEO | |

ZeSa manufactures patented instability training devices for training, rehab and prehab protocols. ZeSa’s devices, the Activator Training Platforms®, combine instability and rotation with five progressive levels of difficulty to help trainees achieve optimal strength, balance and flexibility. ZeSa Fitness has sold $129k in Activators, including to 25 professional sports teams (MLB, NBA, WNBA, NFL).
Cindy Vavra, Co-Founder and CEO | |

Alex Skjong
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