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Q&A: BETA Showcase 2023 Trophy Winner Sentinel Health

There's a new name on the Golden iPod Trophy.

On Thursday, April 13, BETA held its BETA Showcase event at Urban Daisy in Minneapolis. Welcoming a crowd of hundreds of startup enthusiasts, the showcase featured the companies of the BETA Cohort Spring 2023 actively pitching their missions and products from booths set up around the venue. The event is the first of BETA’s two showcases, the second of which will be held during Twin Cities Startup Week in September.

But there was more than just exposure on the line for the participating startups; the Golden iPod Trophy was also up for grabs. The trophy—a staple of the event since 2014—is awarded to the startup that collects the most voting tokens from BETA Showcase attendees. Startups are not allowed to give away items in exchange for tokens or use any other sales tactics. It all comes down to which company the people think stands out the most. And this year, that startup was Sentinel Health Analytics. caught up with Sentinel Health Founder and CEO Anthony Dann for a few quick questions on the business, BETA Showcase, and what’s next for the startup. You can also find more pictures of BETA Showcase Spring 2023 here. Congratulations on winning the Golden iPod Trophy! Let’s start with exactly what Sentinel Health does.

Anthony Dann: Sentinel provides real-time remote patient monitoring of key biometrics (blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and wrist temperature) outside of the traditional healthcare facility through our device neutral platform. Our driving purpose to empower providers to care for their patients with the right information at the right time no matter where they are. How did you and your team approach the BETA Showcase experience? Do you have previous showcase or show experience?

Anthony Dann: We considered it a tremendous opportunity to present our solution and show how far we’ve come over the past 2.5 years. We did significant preparation leading up to the event. We were very excited to have our company showcased for the first time. What does having the confidence of the BETA community (winning the Golden iPod trophy) mean to you and the team?

Anthony Dann: We were completely honored to be chosen as the winner of the BETA Showcase and to follow in the footsteps of previous BETA Showcase winners who have since made successful companies. We have been so impressed with the strength and value of the BETA community. We really believe this will catapult us into the next phase of our business.  It has been such a great experience to learn and grow with the fellow companies in our Spring cohort. What's next for you and the team? Do you have specific goals in mind you can share?

Anthony Dann: Our goals for the remainder of this calendar year are to start revenue generating pilots and refine our scalable process. We will also be exploring a pre-seed fundraising round in Q4.
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