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The Podcast: Making Manufacturing Connections With David Klein of Inspectorio

It’s safe to say that for most consumers, any thought of “manufacturing” lives and dies on whatever store shelf they decide to grab their shampoo from. But there’s a lot — LOT — more that goes into any good reaching that shelf in the first place. Unfortunately, the process is so complex that a lot of important data gets muddied thanks to the often outdated process used to track it. David Klein, Co-founder and President of Inspectorio, is out to change that.

David has hopped across the globe while building an impressive body of work and has crystal-clear insight into the woes of the manufacturing process. From why pen and paper is still used to track links in the supply chain to how Inspectorio aims to help clients be more ethically and environmentally conscious to the company’s recent $50 million Series B, our chat was a fascinating look at how things get from here to there.

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